With over 25 years experience working with First Nations, Douglas Semple of Semple Consulting Group provides high level negotiation services to First Nation communities.

We offer services to businesses and organizations that wish to build strong, lasting relationships with First Nations in Northwestern Ontario.

With both a personal and professional in-depth understanding of First Nations governance, culture, traditions, and modern perspective, Semple Consulting focuses on building respectful, mutually beneficial relationships. Whenever possible, we bring elders into the process to ensure the integrity, prosperity and respect of First Nations.

We provide knowledge and resources in comprehensive strategic planning, interest-based negotiation, treaty advisement and organizational development consultation. Also, we provide training seminars, conference and communication services, as well as group facilitation.

Building Respectful, Lasting Relationships

  • Vision: To assist people in identifying and working through the necessary steps and milestones to achieve their vision. 
  • Mission: We aim to positively engage people toward a mutually beneficial and respectful goal without sacrificing what they believe in.

Committed to building positive, mutually beneficial relationships

What services we have to offer

There is always a way for people to come to an understanding

Douglas Semple is a well-respected First Nation senior consultant, administrator and leader with over 25 years experience. He is a member of the Kasabonika Lake First Nation.

Semple Consulting Group offers high-level advisory and negotiating services to First Nations leaders, councils and communities. The group also offers services to businesses and organizations that wish to build respectful, lasting relationships with First Nations.

Among his accomplishments, Mr. Semple was instrumental as a senior advisor and lead negotiator for the Nishnawbe Aski Nation Chiefs and led negotiations with the province regarding the Far North Act legislation.

He led the second and third Musslewhite Mine Agreements.These became the leading edge revenue sharing arrangements between the resource development industry and First Nations. They set the tone for Agreements that have been developed since then.

He was also Acting CEO and President during the creation and initial opening of the Sioux Lookout Meno Ya Win Health Centre.

Over the past two decades Douglas Semple has negotiated landmark agreements between First Nations, private industry, and federal and provincial governments.

Known for his timely, collaborative negotiation skills, he believes in relationships built on respect and integrity to deepen our understanding of one another.

Mr. Semple, is a graduate of Queens University with a Masters Degree in Public Administration. He also holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree with a major in Political Science from Lakehead University in Thunder Bay. More recently he was awarded an MBA degree from Rushmore University. He, as well, is a recipient of the Nishnawabe-Aski Nation Emile Nakogee Award for Leadership and the Sioux Lookout Chamber of Commerce award for Manager of the Year.

Milestone Projects

  • 2011: Negotiated the second and third Musselwhite Agreements that resulted in landmark approach for a major resource development multinational corporation to share revenues with First Nations.
  • 2009-2010: Interim CEO for the Sioux Lookout Meno Ya Win Health Centre where he participated in negotiations, planning, and implementation.
  • 2007: Lead Negotiator in the Framework Agreement for Ontario's Far North Act legislation.
  • 2004: Chief Negotiator of the Nishnawbe-Aksi Nation Self-Government Negotiations.
  • 2000-2002: Chairperson of Shibogama First Nations Council managing the political agenda of the tribal community and representing the interests of the community in high-level political discussions. 

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